Doc, I think I may have messed up with my 28-year-old child. “He still lives with us, he hasn’t worked in months, but he’s getting really good at ‘Call of Duty.’ What can we do?” I get these calls all the time. Here’s my response. (First of all, don’t call me “Doc” unless your name… Read More

Enabling Versus Caring Enabling   Caring I protect   I share I control   I confront I carry their feelings   I am sensitive I don’t listen   I listen I rescue       I don’t rescue I fix     I let consequences naturally occur I feel… tired   anxious   fearful   over-responsible I feel…… Read More

List of Lists (in no particular order unless stated otherwise) Top Five Guitarists Clapton during his heroin years Carlos Santana Pete Townsend Hendrix during his "whatever-he-could-get" years Frank Zappa Things My (Now) Twelve Year Old Can Do That Are Astounding! She can crack her knuckles in her toes! She can do a one handed cartwheel,… Read More

Child Psychology What is child psychology1? For most professionals who work with children, a child psychologist is someone whose job is to "fix" your child. They usually "fix" your child by spending many, many, many sessions with your child. First, they form a relationship with your child. This will take an average of six and… Read More