This is a tale of forgiveness, a beautiful one. Forgiveness is something you do for yourself, and this woman is walking the walk…. IAN MANUEL is a black man who has spent most of his life in prison. Yet he still has a most unusual advocate calling for his release: a white woman whom he… Read More

My son makes great cards, he puts a lot of thought and love into his masterpieces. Here is what he wrote this morning: Cover… 86 Open the card: He attached $2.50 for his present to my mother. He wrote: Happy Birthday. 86. As you turn 86 you’ll love It. 86: That’s you. 86 years man… Read More

I spent many hours at track meets, I was an average discus thrower and shot putter on a very good team. Running long distances is about perseverance, This story makes me cry, as a Dad, as a (former) athlete, and as a fan of what humans can do….… Read More