A Child’s Bill of Rights Because it is the most character-building, two-letter word in the English language, children have the right to hear their parents say "No" at least three times a day. Children have the right to find out early in their lives that their parents don’t exist to make them happy, but to… Read More

How to Raise a Juvenile Delinquent from the Houston Police Department This handout gets a lot of reactions from people. It was written by policemen, not psychologists or psychiatrists. It appears to have been written in 1959. I like it because it addresses the "Number One Problem" facing families in the Metro Atlanta area: The… Read More

A Quick Primer on Overcoming Depression Depression vs. Sadness Defined We all have bad days. It is normal to have bouts where we feel sad. Sometimes it lasts for a few minutes or a few hours. Sometimes it lasts for a few days. When a person has a "bad day," (a day with a lot… Read More

Attention Teenagers and Parents ____________________________________ TEENAGERS! Tired of being hassled by your stupid parents? Act NOW Move out, get a job, pay your own bills…. Do it now while you still know EVERYTHING! ____________________________________ To view a copy of this that is ready to print and suitable for framing, please click here. I can’t guarantee… Read More

Addiction Defined What is addiction? Addiction and alcoholism are two terms which are used interchangeably and describe a condition of powerlessness over something. Addiction is when "it" has more control over you than you have over "it". The "it" can be alcohol, marijuana, heroin, sex, gambling, food, or any other drug or mood-altering behavior. If… Read More

Relationships: Intimate vs. Dysfunctional From a handout of Onsite Workshops (www.onsiteworkshops.com), with additional information from Dr. Gore. INTIMATE DYSFUNCTIONAL Peers. Power differential. Mutuality. Imbalance. Choice. Loss of choice. Freedom. Compulsion Desire to share needs and feelings. "No talk" rule, especially if things are not working out. Relationship always changing. Relationship is always the same. I… Read More