Signs of Unhealthy Boundaries From a handout of Onsite Workshops (, with additional information from Dr. Gore. Telling all Talking at an intimate level at the first meeting Falling in love with a new acquaintance Falling in love with anyone who reaches out Being overwhelmed by a person-preoccupied Acting on the first sexual impulse Being… Read More

The Invitation I offer this page to you because I feel it beautifully expresses the goals of     a) what an intimate relationship can be like     b) what may happen as a result of long-term, intensive psychotherapy     c) simply living a good life, becoming more real, more true and more authentic It doesn’t… Read More

Hitting Bottom In Addiction: The Only Way To Go Is Down What does it mean to hit rock bottom? When it comes to alcohol and drug addiction, "hitting rock bottom" means that the user comes to a place where he decides he does not wish to continue living the way he is living, and hopefully,… Read More

Addiction Defined – Counseling by Dr. Gore Atlanta What is addiction? Addiction and alcoholism are two terms which are used interchangeably and describe a condition of powerlessness over something. Addiction is when "it" has more control over you than you have over "it". The "it" can be alcohol, marijuana, heroin, sex, gambling, food, or any… Read More