Atlanta Psychologist Office

Here are some photos and a cool video for new clients to see my office (or for old clients to take a nostalgic look back). My office is very easy to find the second time you come. For the first time, please note:
1. Some GPS devices will take you to Hammond and Lake Forrest Drive, which is a couple of hundred yards south of your destination. Heading North (away from Downtown Atlanta) on Lake Forrest Drive, I am the last office complex on the right, just before you “dead end” into Mt. Vernon (and a cemetery).
2. From the street (Lake Forrest Drive) there are no visible signs with numbers on it. The sign only says, “Lake Forrest Place”. Sorry.
3. Once in my complex, there are four buildings. I am the one on the right, like myself: the most southern.
4. You need to enter my office from the rear of my building 6065, you can’t get there from the front door. This is good for those of you avoiding the paparazzi

People tend to stay the same; we become “stuck” even when we know we need to do things differently. Becoming “unstuck” is where I help. I offer direct, powerful therapy: I don’t “beat around the bush.” My focus is on providing caring, effective and supportive services in the areas of individual psychotherapy and relationship therapy (couples and marriage counseling); therapy for children, adolescents and families; and, drug and alcohol addiction recovery. I treat people like I would want someone to treat a member of my own family (and some of them certainly needed treatment.)