Atlanta Alcohol Addiction Counseling

Atlanta Alcohol Addiction Counseling – When only the best alcohol addiction counseling in Atlanta will do, call Dr. David Karol Gore.

First off, I really, really understand addiction. I comprehend what alcoholism and drug addiction does to a person’s mind, to a person’s body and the soul. I know, first hand, what alcoholism and drug addiction does to a person’s family and loved ones. Believe me, I know how an addict/alcoholic thinks, feels and acts. How to recover? It is simple. Not easy, but simple.

I like the Twelve Step approaches. They work. If a person refuses to go to meetings, that is OK. We can try other ways, and if it is successful, then that is great. If your way doesn’t work, let’s try another way. If a twelve step approach hasn’t worked in the past, let me try to adapt a recovery program to your particular needs.

So first, one should stop drinking and drugging (notice I used the word “stop” and not the words “slow down”). Second, one needs to figure out how he or she got in trouble. How what was once “fun and games” became “trouble and pains”. Third, we need to find a way to fix that “hole inside” that drugs and alcohol used to fill.

Atlanta Alcohol Addiction Counseling