Dr. David Gore is a specialist in Psychotherapy, Marriage Counseling, Family Therapy, and Addiction Recovery in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia

NOTE: There is currently a one to three week waiting period for new clients.

Dr. David Karol Gore has been practicing psychotherapy since 1983. His interest in helping people began as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania. He began working at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic in 1978, which is acknowledged as one of the birthplaces of directive, solution-focused treatment. There, he learned of the family systems (family therapy) approach to treatment, and this has been his focus ever since.

Dr. Gore chose to obtain his Master’s and Doctoral Degree at Georgia State University, graduating in 1988. His advanced degrees are in clinical psychology, specializing in family therapy. Dr. Gore has been in private practice in Atlanta since 1989 and has been running his own practice since 1992. Although families are his focus, Dr. Gore’s expertise extends to individual therapy for all age groups, as well as marital/couples therapy.

Dr. Gore grew up in New York, and still talks funny. After living in Midtown for fifteen years, he became a suburbanite in 1997, moving to Marietta. When time allows, Dr. Gore enjoys reading, doing electrical repairs with the circuit breaker on, basketball and other sports. When not at work, Dr. Gore is usually found chasing his kids around or trying to nap.

November 1959 Born. Weighed 9 lbs. 12 oz. Was almost adorable.
Fall 1976 Captain of H.S. Football Team. Record: 1 win, 7 losses.
We were not as good as our record indicates.
Winter 1980 Drops out of University of Pennsylvania. Goes to California to find self.
Winter 1981 Couldn’t find self. Returns to U. of Penn.
Spring 1982 B.A. Degree, U. of Penn., Psychology major.
Spring 1985 M.A. Degree, Georgia State University Clinical Psychology Program.
July 1986-July 1987 Clinical Psychology APA-Approved Internship, Institute for Juvenile Research/Family Systems Program.
March 1988 Ph.D Degree, Georgia State University Clinical Psychology Program.
June 1988 Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the Kregelman family.
Summer 1989 Licensed Psychologist, State of Georgia (#1366).
Winter 1989 Joins a group mental health practice.
September 1992 Opens up David Karol Gore, Ph.D., P.C., a solo psychology practice.
Fall 1997 Starts a North Atlanta office. Originally in Alpharetta, now in Roswell.
December 1999 Launches Quickly becomes third most visited website (just behind and
August 2002 Elected “Room Mom” for Third Grade Class, a stunning upset the PTA did not see coming.
September 2005 Abruptly fired as wife’s lactation coach.
November 2008 Gladwell publishes “Outliers: The Story of Success,” stating one needs to do an activity for 10,000 hours to become an expert. Calculate that I have spent over 30,000 hours doing therapy, including extra time with the Kregelman’s.
February 2011 Teenage daughter threatens to call Department of Family and Children Services because I refuse to buy a Wii, Nintendo or XBox.

July 2013 Loses all ability to engage in small talk. This occurred during the third hour of a swim meet.

August 2016 Invents “Fidget Spinners.” Single-handedly ends the ADHD Epidemic in America.

September 2016 Realizes he forgot to patent “Fidget Spinners.” Knock-offs appear. Life savings disappear.

A lot of people ask me: "Do you have children?" And, I reply: "Yes, I have four." Then, they say: "No wonder you look so tired."

No, I am kidding. About the "looking tired" part. I do have four children. And they all appear to be turning out remarkably OK. A girl, born in 1986, is in college and is actively trying to change the world. Another girl, born in 1995, is working hard to keep under 5000 text messages per month. They were joined by a little brother in 2005, who apparently shares my athletic gifts. And last, but not least (but, I swear, last): A girl born in 2007. She’s just cute. (Written in 2008).

My wife (a famous professor of speech pathology at a local prestigious university who lectures internationally on how stress impacts the recovery of speech after a traumatic brain event, and is generally a pretty agreeable woman) has absolutely forbidden me from putting her picture, or the kids’ pictures on So, I have hired famous and expensive actors to pose for this dramatic recreation of my family.

Not my actual family: These are highly-compensated professional actors.

Licensed Ph.D Psychologist