• Atlanta Child Psychologist

    Child Psychology
    If your child isn't doing well, we need to help him or her now; all of us need to change. I'll talk with your child alone at times, but involving all of the family in therapy is critical, because children don't change if their parents don't change.

  • atlanta Family Therapist

    Family Therapy
    Talking honestly and openly with one another is a hard thing to do. But once you begin speaking your truth to your spouse, your parents or your children, things begin to feel lighter and life gets easier. Nothing is more important than improving your family's connections.

  • atlanta substance abuse addiction treatment

    Addiction Recovery
    Just making it to your first appointment is a big deal and that's where getting clean and sober begins. I understand it's scary to look at life without mood-altering chemicals, but I promise: Life gets better once the fog begins to lift.

Ph.D Dr. Gore Atlanta PsychologistAre you feeling “stuck”? I can help you get unstuck and moving forward. Together, we can improve your relationships and your happiness. What’s the alternative? If nothing changes, then nothing will change.

Please call me at: 404-237-4300. I will call you back within hours.

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Atlanta Psychologist

Dr. David Karol Gore is one of the leading Atlanta Licensed Clinical Psychologists, focusing on individual mental health and emotional wellness. Many consider him one of the most effective family therapists located in Atlanta. His office is in the Sandy Springs/Atlanta area. Dr. Gore uses a variety of proven approaches, treating depression, hidden anger issues, life stress and helping drug addiction/problem drinking in adults and teenagers. He is not judgmental, provides a sense of safety and gets “down to business” rather quickly. As a family and child psychologist, Dr. Gore understands the need for a family therapy and even with an adult individual client will always be thinking about the family system. Note: Most of Dr. Gore’s clients are adults with depression and/or anxiety as well as relationship concerns. Services offered include substance abuse and alcohol abuse treatment, family and marriage counseling and therapy, and getting children to behave better and be happy (without medication).