Articles by Dr. Gore

Here is a selection of articles: Some I have written, and some are borrowed or adapted from somewhere else. They will not solve all your problems, but they have some good insights into relationships, children, procrastination, feelings, addiction, life and stuff like that.

You will get some "feel" for how I think, and how I work with people. If you have something that you think would fit in well here, let me know: I may put it up on this site and claim I wrote it myself.

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  Passive Assertive Aggressive Behaviors
  On Feelings
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  What is Perfection?
  What is Procrastination?
  To Let Go
  Addiction Defined
  Hitting Bottom In Addiction: The Only Way To Go Is Down
  The Invitation
  Signs of Unhealthy Boundaries
  Relationships: Intimate vs. Dysfunctional
  A Quick Primer on Overcoming Depression
  Attention Parents and Teenagers
  A Childs Bill of Rights

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