Atlanta Therapist

Atlanta Therapist – Dr. David Karol is a leading Atlanta therapist.

Why do people come to a therapist? Why invest time and money and add to your already “full plate”?

Is therapy about insight? Is psychotherapy about understanding yourself? Is therapy about coming to a psychologist twice a week for ten years and still doing the same stuff that got you unhappy in the first place? Have I ever treated a “Woody Allen” type for over twenty years?

No, therapy is about changing your behaviors and thoughts. Therapy is about changing your feelings. Therapy is about changing your relationships. Therapy is about getting unstuck and moving towards having the life you have always wanted. Therapy is about becoming happy, more fulfilled and living a more vibrant life. My therapy goal is for you to stop therapy. For some people it means a few sessions, for others it means a few months or years.. it all comes down to this: What is your goal?

How to get there? I don’t know (…Yet. I need to meet you first). We can figure it out. I possess about 438 “moves” we can try together. Not two, three or five moves. If I ever say: “I don’t know, what do YOU think?” You have permission to throw something at me.

If you want to change, we should be able to get moving in a good direction rather quickly. If you stay stuck, that is my fault, too. So, let’s get moving…

Why go to a psychologist? Because we are the best-trained, most-skilled clinicians around. And we are all uniformly good-looking, too. (Sadly, not even close).

Atlanta Therapist