Doctor, Does My Child Have Bipolar Disorder?


Note: Drug companies and psychiatrists believe bipolar disorder in adults occurs with some frequency, I feel it is a rare phenomenon. Most folks mislabeled bipolar are, in fact, people who are abusing drugs and alcohol (prescribed drugs and non-prescribed drugs). True bipolar disorders in adults hardly happens and is misdiagnosed frequently. With children, I believe there may be fourteen kids in all of America who have bipolar disorder in childhood. Everyone else is a child who is defiant, impulsive, explosive, unpredictable, angry, violent, threatening, etc. Why would children act this way? Because they can. And, because it “works” for them. These children have convinced their parents and their teachers that they are simultaneously in charge of the family/classroom while simultaneously being totally out of control. Your child is not bipolar, your child needs to learn to behave by you parenting him or her differently.