In this video I talk about emotions, and how to lean into them, not steer away from them. It is scary, it is sad, it will make you feel lonely….nah, it won’t, but it’ll explain why emotions are important.
Embracing feelings is not easy, in fact, a lot of people spend a lot of energy trying to avoid their feelings. Thinking is easier and safer for most, thinking uses logic and rational ideas. Emotions are “wilder” and more unpredictable. They can overwhelm you. They can confuse you. Some of us have spent our whole lives running from them.

We try to cover up our feelings with success. We try to cover up our emotions with activities. We try drugs and alcohol. We try over-exercising, over-eating or over-working…but, our feelings remain with us.

Most of us were not given a vocabulary of feelings, we weren’t taught the language. It is a simple lexicon: mad, sad, happy, fear, aloneness, connectedness, shame, happiness and guilt. Because I am in a good mood: I will allow “disgust” to be included in this list of core feelings.