Why We Have Lousy Relationships?

Why do we end up with our partners? Why am I not finding a suitable partner? It is easy to look outside of ourselves and say stuff like “all men fear commitment” or “all women are looking for perfection that doesn’t exist.” However, who we end up with says a lot about who we are.… Read More

The Ongoing Struggle An elder was teaching his students about life. He talked about his inner struggle. He told them: “Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. He wants me to fail and be miserable. The other dog is good and kind. He wants me to be… Read More

If You’ve Got the Issues, I’ve Got the Tissues This title is not original. In fact, it is an expression that has been around for a long time. I think the title is negative in tone. It mocks crying. It mocks tissues. Tissues are sacred. They shouldn’t be mocked. I buy a case of them,… Read More

Why Taking Xanax for Anxiety Is Really, Really Stupid Anxiety feels awful. Every year hundreds of thousands of emergency room visits occur because people go from feeling anxious to feeling really, really anxious to having a panic attack. They then end up in the ER convinced they are having a heart attack. Anxiety is fear. We… Read More

My little girl’s third grade class was doing a Living Museum, and this one wasn’t boring like a museum for grown-ups…. So, the third grade had a “Living Museum” presentation, which means the cute little eight year olds were dressed up as famous people, like Einstein, Lincoln and there were even two dueling Harriet Tubmans! Each… Read More