Happy Mother's DayHappy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there…. You have a tough job, don’t get much appreciation, and one day does not provide enough pampering and acknowledgement for all you do. Thanks.

And to my family: First, “Thanks, Mom” for raising me and helping me not die during my childhood. I rode bikes without helmets, rode in cars without seatbelts and walked on streets with no sidewalks. In addition to letting me play outside all day, you loved me a great deal and believed in me always. I can never repay you for all you have done for me, but, lunch is on me tomorrow.

And to my lovely wife, who is a full-time professor while being a full-time mother, you pull off this “double duty” with grace, joy and beauty. You have raised our kids well, been a great Step-Mom and cleaned up after me, too, once or twice, although that is not part of your job description. As a foreshadowing of the featured article, thanks for being the main reason our kids are not a**holes. Read on…


I liked this article, and agree we need to parent as we desire, and not please others. There is one line that bugs me: “Parenting should be about loving, nurturing, and caring for your child in the way that you see best fit.”

This should read ”Parenting should be about loving, nurturing, caring for your child, and setting limits with that child in the way that you see best fit.” I am all for ”warm and fuzzies”, as long as they are dispensed with rules and the word “No” several times a day, or hour.