So my ten year old son and I were sharing a “male” day: his basketball game, watching NFL playoffs, eating chicken wings and then going to Krispy Kreme. The testosterones were flying all over, I was being a manly man, he was being a manly boy, and there we no wives, sisters or Grandmas to feminize our fun.

My mentor has taught me that bribing kids is OK, so my son was happy that he earned $11.00 by getting 13 rebounds. This bribing formula is very complicated, involving logarithms and trigonometry, and not for today’s blog. So, he’s in the front seat, which is new and great, and we engage in the following discussion.

My boy states that it is amazing that mankind has mastered so many things, like creating cars for transportation, telephones for communication, and hot glazed donuts for eating. I agreed, it is amazing.

Clearly he has received my gene for Deep Thoughts. Then he said, “And they can really teleport now!” “Wait,” said I, “I don’t think we have done that yet.”

He insisted. “You can buy a teleportation gun on Amazon!” “No,” I disagreed. He insisted that we have mastered this, and you can now move objects through space and time quite easily. So, we made a bet: double or nothing. He would get $22.00 if we could buy this gun that transports objects through space, or, if he was wrong, I’d owe him nothing.

So I won eleven bucks off of him, and he learned a lesson: Don’t bet with me. But, he swears we could have bought that gun on Amazon last week. They must have sold out of ‘em.

He Learned a Lesson

Son Deep Thoughts

A “Male” Day: