I asked my buddy if he wanted to watch a game with me, he said “No, I am going to the Alt-J concert at Chastain.” “Is he/she/it sold out?” I asked, because my nineteen year old loves him/her/it. My buddy said he didn’t know. I told my daughter about the show, she happened to be in town to watch her little siblings find Easter eggs (and, let me assure my more Jewish Facebook fans that this was right after heavy-duty Sedering.)

concert-300x199My daughter is doing great. She volunteers in Atlanta, every Friday, at two or three clinics working with special needs children. She is broke, as she should be, so she told me she didn’t have the money to go to the concert. I toconcertld her I would give her the money, but she would have to get lucky and find somebody selling a ticket at face value.

She grabbed a girlfriend and off they went. They scored a pair of 45.00$ great VIP seats! Right near the floor! Sitting with people who actually knew the band! The band released these seats just before showtime, and my kid got them! She texted me lots, including these three in a row: “THANK YOU!!! Love you!!,” and, “Oh my god we have front row seats!”, and finally, “I’m about to have the best night of my life” (strangely, no exclamation points for that one).

She was so happy, so I was so happy. Score one for good fathering and spontaneity.

PS: Yes I totally trust my kid going to a concert by herself.