Atlanta Child Einstein

My little girl’s third grade class was doing a Living Museum, and this one wasn’t boring like a museum for grown-ups….

So, the third grade had a “Living Museum” presentation, which means the cute little eight year olds were dressed up as famous people, like Einstein, Lincoln and there were even two dueling Harriet Tubmans! Each kid did a poster of his or her person, and each gave a prepared speech to each grownup who had the decency to stop and say: “You’re Theodore Roosevelt? Who are you? What did you do?”

Then you would stop and listen as the kids recited their speeches, usually reading off of 3 X 5 cards. Now, me, I am a teacher of youths… I would stop them if they were mumbling, or not making eye contact, and ask them to speak up. (If I didn’t do it, I would consider myself an enabler. I couldn’t stand there and nod and say “Good job!!!!” if I couldn’t hear a word Little George Washington was saying, could I?)

So, a few kids did great and spoke loudly and clearly, and even threw in some jokes and little smile here or there.  So, my dear friends, guess who did the best, clearest, most loudest job of them all?  It was, of course, Young Helen Keller.

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