This is a tale of forgiveness, a beautiful one. Forgiveness is something you do for yourself, and this woman is walking the walk…. IAN MANUEL is a black man who has spent most of his life in prison. Yet he still has a most unusual advocate calling for his release: a white woman whom he… Read More

My son makes great cards, he puts a lot of thought and love into his masterpieces. Here is what he wrote this morning: Cover… 86 Open the card: He attached $2.50 for his present to my mother. He wrote: Happy Birthday. 86. As you turn 86 you’ll love It. 86: That’s you. 86 years man… Read More

I spent many hours at track meets, I was an average discus thrower and shot putter on a very good team. Running long distances is about perseverance, This story makes me cry, as a Dad, as a (former) athlete, and as a fan of what humans can do….… Read More

So I heard from one of my clients, a doctor who dates the wrong men. She told me she met “Him” again, and he was the same guy as always: looked good at first, but, he couldn’t deliver a real relationship over time. He just wasn’t giving her what she wanted. I said: Sounds like… Read More

New Pixar Movie Excites This Psychologist Posted on October 21, 2014 by Dr. David Gore • 0 Comments inShare In 1997, I moved to the Suburbs. I remember an 11 year old girl came over with her girlfriend, and introduced themselves. They were just bubbling over with excitement and joy, they loved the neighborhood, they… Read More

Every day over 800 Americans publish a book. That’s a fact because Wikipedia told me so, personally. Although not exactly “easy”, it really isn’t that hard to publish something. So, I am bucking that trend. Here are some books I am NOT working today: 1. The Seven Habits of Unsuccessful People with Really, Really Good… Read More