Premarital Counseling FAQ’s Q: Is it true you know everything about being married? A: Yes, it is true.  Don’t tell my wife, though, she’ll hyperventilate from laughter if she heard me say that… Q: Well, we are thinking about getting married, do you offer premarital counseling? A: Yes, I love doing premarital counseling.  Q: What… Read More

Doctor, Does My Child Have Bipolar Disorder?   No.           Note: Drug companies and psychiatrists believe bipolar disorder in adults occurs with some frequency, I feel it is a rare phenomenon. Most folks mislabeled bipolar are, in fact, people who are abusing drugs and alcohol (prescribed drugs and non-prescribed drugs). True… Read More

Doc, I think I may have messed up with my 28-year-old child. “He still lives with us, he hasn’t worked in months, but he’s getting really good at ‘Call of Duty.’ What can we do?” I get these calls all the time. Here’s my response. (First of all, don’t call me “Doc” unless your name… Read More

Enabling Versus Caring Enabling   Caring I protect   I share I control   I confront I carry their feelings   I am sensitive I don’t listen   I listen I rescue       I don’t rescue I fix     I let consequences naturally occur I feel… tired   anxious   fearful   over-responsible I feel…… Read More

List of Lists (in no particular order unless stated otherwise) Top Five Guitarists Clapton during his heroin years Carlos Santana Pete Townsend Hendrix during his "whatever-he-could-get" years Frank Zappa Things My (Now) Twelve Year Old Can Do That Are Astounding! She can crack her knuckles in her toes! She can do a one handed cartwheel,… Read More

Child Psychology What is child psychology1? For most professionals who work with children, a child psychologist is someone whose job is to "fix" your child. They usually "fix" your child by spending many, many, many sessions with your child. First, they form a relationship with your child. This will take an average of six and… Read More

Intervention: An Option for Helping Alcoholics and Addicts Have you ever said, “I just don’t know what to do…” Or, “I’ve run out of options.” An intervention may be the only approach left. Deciding to do an intervention is not easy, but, they are usually extremely effective. Vern Johnson, the pioneer of intervention, said “Intervention… Read More